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Yes you can do sod all year round in Jacksonville Florida

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How much does it cost to have someone lay sod?

Well that depends on:

  • The number of pallets needed.
  • If it’s machine accessible or has to be wheelbarrowed.
  • If the area has to have old grass and weeds cut out and hauled off.

To give you a ballpark idea. It could be between $300 and $500 per pallet including sod and labor.

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Who can lay sod near me?

We can! We do sod work all over Jacksonville Florida

Atlantic Beach
Neptune Beach
Jacksonville Beach
Fernandina Beach
Ponte Vedra
Ponte Vedra Beach
Orange Park
Yulee 21.66
Saint Augustine
Saint Marys
Penney Farms
Green Cove Springs

How does home depot install sod?

They don’t.

Can you just lay sod down?

You should always prep the area with a sod cutter to remove old grass and weeds.

This ensures your yard is not bumpy and that the sod actually lives.