Watering is very important. If you water to much you could get a fungus and your grass will die. If you don’t water enough the sod will dry up and die.

First off you want to water early morning at around 4am is perfect. That way you give the water a chance to evaporate and keep from getting a fungus.

You only need to water once a day. If it is the dead of summer and the grass is looking brown by the afternoon, it’s ok to manually hit the sprinklers for about 5 minutes per zone. Just to green it up.

The reason not to water twice a day or in the afternoon is because if the water doesn’t get a chance to evaporate you increase the risk of getting a fungus and your sod dying.

How you always know if your watering enough is to lift up a piece of sod and make sure the dirt on the ground is always moist. If it is ever bone dry you need to water it immediately and up the watering time.

During the summer you need to water 45 minutes to 1 hour per zone, in full sun. If it is a shady area you can water around 30-45 minutes per zone.

If it is a spray sprinkler head, set it for less time because it puts out more water and saturates the area faster than a rotary head.

So for instance in the summer I recommend setting all mister heads to 30 minutes and all rotary heads to 45 minutes in full sun areas. If it is a shady area set all mister heads to about 18 minutes and all rotary heads to 30 minutes.(Shade sod also requires less water)

In the winter here in Jacksonville. Around October thru February I recommend 8 minutes for spray heads and 12 minutes for rotary heads in full sun. If it is a shady area set spray heads to 5 minutes and rotary heads to 8 minutes.